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Monthly Blog Round-Up – March 2009

As we all know, blogs are a bit "stateless" and a lot of good content gets lost since many people, sadly, only pay attention to what they see today. These monthly round-ups is an attempt to remind people of useful content from the past month! If you are “too busy to read the blogs” (eh…cause you spent all your time on twitter? :-)), at least read these.

So, here is my next monthly "Security Warrior" blog round-up of top 5 popular posts/topics.

  1. In a surprising twist, “Stratfor on Chinese Bots” took the #1 spot. This is my link and commentary on a Stratfor piece.
  2. Also surprisingly, next comes my blurb (“OMFG - Mutiny on Board”) about Cory Doctorow’s  piece "The High Priests of IT — And the Heretics"
  3. And only at #3 it becomes predictable: The Heartland Saga “On Heartland”, “Heartland II”,“Heartland III”, “On Heartland IV” and “On Heartland V” as well as my original posts  “Compliant + 0wned” and “PCI DSS and Data Breaches: Perception and Reality”.
  4. Next is “Fun Views on DLP,” a post where I look at some opinions people express on “Data Leak/Loss Prevention/Protection” (DLP) and what they likely mean.
  5. Last are my impressions from two PCI DSS –related panels that I did that week:  “Thoughts After RMISC 2009 PCI Panel” and “Thoughts After Chicago “PCI Dinner” Panel

See you in April where Confickr will likely dominate the traffic. Also see my annual “Top Posts” (2007, 2008)

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