Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Fun Contest- Win CSI SX 2009 Conference 50% Discount Code!

OK, so to further prove the oft-contested point that “PCI DSS is fun,” I dreamed up this contest (complete with a prize, of course!) which presents a perfect blend of “PCI DSS compliance” and “fun” :-)

There are TWO ways to win!

  1. Submit the most exciting PCI DSS success story (some ideas are: how you got budget, used PCI to reduce risk, eliminated some card data storage, etc), or
  2. Submit the most terrifying PCI DSS horror story (won’t give you ideas here).

Upon collecting the stories for 3 days (4/15,4/16,4/17), I will announce the winner late on Apr 17th (initially I thought of online voting as a more fair way, but then I reread this …)

One submitter of the best story of whatever kind wins CSI SX 2009 Conference 50% Discount Code (single-use, unshareable code) and ALSO a surprise prize (directly related to PCI DSS…)

Wonna play?

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