Monday, April 13, 2009

CSI SX 2009: Thoughts + Discount Code

This is that time of the year again, and, courtesy of fine folks at CSI, I would like to give my readers a discount code for CSI SX 2009 conference to be held May 17-21, 2009 in Las Vegas.

The discount code  is “ACSX

What’s funny though is that the email from CSI folks came right when I was reading their brochure for CSI SX 2009 and it started like this: “CSI SX: Security Exchange will be held May 17-21 in Las Vegas and focuses on topics of urgent importance today: virtualization, cloud, compliance, web security, security management and more.“ (all links to CSI SX track info)

Is that me or or maybe things like “getting people [in small companies] to update their anti-malware” (despite its oft-claimed inefficiency vs modern malware) or “using a firewall [in small companies]” (yes, despite this) or “encrypting data in a database”  or “migrating from WEP” or “struggling with PCI DSS” or a host of other “non-virtual/non-cloud/non-web2.0”, “boring” security issues keep MORE people awake at night? Is virtsec THE ONLY unsolved security problem, apart from cloudsec, that is? (Marcus sure seems to think otherwise) Maybe not…

But then again, if I were in the audience, what would be more fun for me: “how I secured advanced web services and my SaaS” security presentation or a rant called “how I beat my head against the wall of security awareness for 3 years – and then tried to commit suicide [but failed at that too]”…

BTW, stand by for a fun contest with a chance to win a DEEPER (50%) discount for CSI SX… And, yes, OF COURSE, it will involve PCI DSS :-)

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