Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Last Blog Post!

This is my last blog post –for the foreseeable future. It is dated 7/31/2011 at 11:59PM. What happens tomorrow? A new life, of course!

As only very few of you know, I have accepted a position of Research Director with Gartner, Inc. Tomorrow I am joining a stellar team lead by Phil Schacter, formerly from Burton Group.

I spent two VERY successful years consulting, working with companies like Novell, RSA, LogLogic, NitroSecurity, eGestalt, ObserveIT, Tripwire, AlienVault, “Big MSSP”, “Big Insurance Company”, “SaaS Log Management Company”, “IT Management Software Company”, “SMB Security Company”, “Big Networking Equipment Company”  and others. I defined,  built, deployed, and marketed security products, mostly in the area of SIEM and log management. I helped organizations with security and PCI DSS strategy. I advised security vendor management on compliance strategy for their products. I have spoken at clients’ events and have written more whitepapers than I care to admit… as well as did a lot of other fun things!

It was fun and I loved it - and as my clients can attest, I was good at it. Also, I was more busy than I thought I’d be, and occasionally more than I wanted to be. However, at some point I started to feel that I need another step up. And so I am making that step now!

In accordance with my future employer policy, I have resigned from the Advisory Boards of Dasient, Securonix, nexTier Networks, Savant Protection, eGestalt, and Rapid.IO. Good luck to all of you!

In all likelihood, I will eventually resurface at Gartner blogs – please look for me there.  And finally, those who love my personal blogging (all 4007 of you as of today), don’t despair – I will still occasionally blog here on non-infosec subjects: think good books, laser weapons, hypnosis, skiing, travel and my other weird hobbies Smile

Finally, I want to give very special thanks to Lee Kushner for his super-valuable career counseling that helped me make this difficult career choice.

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