Monday, April 20, 2009

Qualys PCI Connect is OUT!

Ok, so RSA is an exciting event, but nothing excites me more than the release of Qualys PCI Connect!

"QualysGuard PCI Connect is an on demand ecosystem bringing together multiple security solutions into one unified end-to-end business application for PCI DSS compliance and validation.

As a new addition to the widely adopted QualysGuard PCI service, PCI Connect streamlines business operations related to PCI compliance and validation for merchants and acquirers all from a combined collaborative application with automated report sharing and distribution. PCI compliance status and tracking is performed on an ongoing basis.

Merchants who use QualysGuard PCI Connect can easily identify areas where they may not be meeting compliance requirements. Acquirers who use QualysGuard PCI Connect can easily evaluate whether merchants have met PCI requirements and whether sufficient evidence has been submitted for validation. "

Also, as of today, Qualys is fully in web application scanning business.

Dr Anton Chuvakin