Friday, April 10, 2009

Nobody Is That Dumb ... Oh, Wait X

It looks like another one of these for my series "Nobody Is That Dumb ... Oh, Wait"  where I made fun of people making dumb claims with apparent - and often scary! - seriousness.

Here is another perfect piece for it, titled “Conficker Worm Is Much Ado About Nothing.”  It goes like this “The Conficker Worm is like the Paris Hilton of computer security: Famous solely for being famous. Neither has actually ever done anything of note. But, at least Paris has a sense of humor about her celebrity. Conficker just wastes people's time.”

Yes, I agree… NOT. A few millions of 0wned boxes is not a big deal. Only noisy malware matters.

“As I write this, Conficker seems to be passing more or less harmlessly by.”

Yes, I agree: if somebody from China controls your PC using a well-written malware application and steals your bank account data, it is totally “harmless.” What? You didn’t know you can do that with Confickr? Reeeally?

“Maybe Conficker will send the message that what we are doing is just fine, thank you. Spend more money to counter threats like this? Why?”

Yes, I agree. We are doing a fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiined job with infosec. Just like Marcus Ranum confirms here :-)

Can we all go home now? :-)

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