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Monthly Blog Round-Up – September 2010

Blogs are "stateless" and people often pay attention only to what they see today. Thus a lot of useful security reading material gets lost.  These monthly round-ups is my way of reminding people about interesting blog content. If you are “too busy to read the blogs,” at least read these.

So, here is my next monthly "Security Warrior" blog round-up of top 5 popular posts/topics this month.

  1. Top position this month is held by my quick analysis of ArcSight acquisition by HP: “End of an Era: ArcSight Goes to HP.” Winners, losers, trends – the usual fun stuff
  2. Our LogChat podcast inaugural issue is next on the list – the second issue is coming next week. Stand by!
  3. On Free Log Management Tools” is a repost from my consulting site. The list of free log management tools is a companion resource to our “Log Review Checklist.” Updated version has just been posted.
  4. Making fun of stupidity in security industry was always one of my favorite pastimes. “Nobody Is That Dumb … Oh Waitseries just got its 13th issue, courtesy of “Information Security” magazine. It is about about how to win a SIEM contest without building a SIEM product – and then get good press on it.
  5. Career posts are always super-popular somehow: “Gartner-heads vs Packet-heads” post is no exception. The previous post in my security career series (“Skills for Work vs Skills for Getting Hired”) still shows up in Top10 as well as their predecessor “Myth of an Expert Generalist.”
  6. Updated With Community Feedback SANS Top 7 Essential Log Reports DRAFT2”, “SANS Top 5 Essential Log Reports Update!” and their predecessor  “Top5 SANS Log Reports Update DRAFT” also show up close to the top. Now that I have a bit more time, I will finally finish the write-up and submit it to SANS for distribution.
  7. How Do I Get The Best SIEM?”, a companion to “On Choosing SIEM“, went to the top like lighting a few months ago and stayed there this month as well. If you are thinking of getting a SIEM or a log management tool, check them out and also look at related resources at the end of these posts.  “The Myth of SIEM as “An Analyst-in-the-box” or How NOT to Pick a SIEM-II?” and ““I Want to Buy Correlation” or How NOT to Pick a SIEM?” also stay at the top – it seems like smaller organizations are looking at deploying SIEM and log management and there is a lot of interest in simple guidance on this.  And you can always hire me to help with the selection, of course!

Yeah, so my Top5 has 7 entries this month. And your point is? :-)

Also, below I am thanking my top 3 referrers this month (those who are people, not organizations). So, thanks a lot to the following people whose blogs sent the most visitors to my blog:

  1. Michał Wiczyński
  2. Dancho Danchev
  3. Raffael Marty

See you in October; also see my annual “Top Posts” - 2007, 20082009!

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