Thursday, October 14, 2010

LogChat Podcast 2: Anton Chuvakin and Andrew Hay Talk Logs

LogChat Podcast is back - and now on iTunes as well! Everybody knows that all this world needs is a podcast devoted to logs, logging and log management (as well as SIEM, incident response and other closely related subjects).

And now you have it AGAIN with edition #2 - through the sheer combined genius of Andrew Hay and myself, Anton Chuvakin.

Administrative items first:
  1. It turns out, we don't need a new name! We are now entirely happy with "LogChat." The prize we offered will hereby be awarded to that one person who liked the original name :-) Marisa, please email me to claim your very own signed copy of the "PCI Compliance" book.
  2. So far, we are still not ready with transcribing.  I did try Amazon Mechanical Turk, but it didn't turn to be as inexpensive as people claimed. If you have ideas for a good/inexpensive transcribing service, we are all ears.
  3. We plan for this to happen every four weeks - recorded on Wednesday, posted on Thursday. However, due to our work schedules, irregularities may occur :-)
  4. Please suggest topics to cover as well - even though we are not likely to run out of ideas for a few years. Our topic today is log collection challenges and solutions: log sizing, EPS estimation, agents/agentless, high volume collection, Windows to syslog, etc
  5. Any other feedback is HUGELY useful. Is it too long? Too loud? Too rant-y? Too technical? Not enough jokes? Too few mentions of the "cloud"? Feedback please!
And now, in all its glory - the podcast: link to #2 MP3 is here [MP3], RSS feed is here - it is also on iTunes now. Enjoy THE LogChat!

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