Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Monthly Blog Round-Up – December 2009

As we all know, blogs are a bit "stateless" and a lot of useful security reading material gets lost since many people, sadly, only pay attention to what they see today. These monthly round-ups is my attempt to remind people of useful content from the past month! If you are “too busy to read the blogs,” at least read these.

So, here is my next monthly "Security Warrior" blog round-up of top 5 popular posts/topics.

  1. It sure seems like most SIEM vendors and log management vendors have again camped at my blog :-) How else can I explain that “Log Management + SIEM = ?” takes #1 spot in December?  This topic is getting really, really hot – it is also the subject of my recent consulting projects.
  2. Completely unsurprisingly, my “Security Predictions 2010” post takes a much deserved #2 spot. Why #2? ‘Cause my 2020 information security predictions went up on 1/1/2010 only and didn’t make it into December top roster :-)
  3. Top Log FAIL!” is still hot! The post summarizes the most egregious, reckless, painful, negligent, sad, idiotic examples of “Log FAIL.”
  4. Again this month, “Smart vs Stupid: But Not Why You Think So!” stays on the most popular post list. You need to go read it to know why it is so awesome :-)
  5. On SIEM Complexity” is next – it is a piece about Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) and why it is / is perceived as “very complex.”
  6. Open source SIEM theme continues to drive a lot of traffic – it looks like folks are still desperately googling for it. “Why No Open Source SIEM, EVER?” post takes the spot in Top5 this month again. The older inspiration for this post is “On Open Source in SIEM and Log Management.”  While you are reading up on SIEM , check out the post called “SIEM Bloggables” with key SIEM use cases.

This month I am continuing a new tradition: I am going to thank my top 5 referrers this month (those that are actual humans, that is). So, thanks a lot to the following people whose blogs sent visitors to my blog:

  1. Bruce Schneier blog
  2. Dancho Danchev blog
  3. Alexey Babenko (in Russian)
  4. Gunnar Peterson
  5. Richard’s TaoSecurity blog

Thanks for all the link-love! And now back to carving powder at Heavenly :-)

See you in January; also see my annual “Top Posts” - 2007, 2008 and the coming 2009!

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