Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Some Fun Reading and Listening

As I am preparing to attend to a family emergency and thus go “offline” for a while, here is something fun stuff for my dear readers:
  • “PCI War” rages one in this “CSO Online” podcast “The Great PCI Security Debate of 2010: Part 1[MP3] with such fun people as Joshua Corman, Mike Dahn, Jack Daniel, Ben Rothke, Martin McKeay, etc.  It is a bit chaotic at times, but fun and enlightening. It was also fun to participate in, despite the fact that it was recorded at 7AM. This piece provides some background for the debate.
  • The second part of the PCI debate was just posted here.
  • Those with interest in SIEM must read Rocky’s “The 2010 SIEM Winter Olympics Preview
Enjoy! More fun posts coming when I am back. For now, buy The PCI Book :-)
BTW, see you all at ShmooCon and then at RSA 2010.

Dr Anton Chuvakin