Tuesday, September 04, 2007

What Happens If One Marries ...

... a screwed-up security to a screwed-up privacy?

Answer: NASA. The idea is disarmingly simple: require very detailed background checks for all employees, collect mammoth amounts of data and then lose it (the last part hasn't happened yet - but I am pretty sure it is in the works :-))

But people figured that will fight it! Can they win?


Anonymous said...

No, they (employees) cannot win. This is not about people, it is politics. This is what happens when you let bureaucrats run the country - you get silly laws, founded on empty or very lightweight threats, where the sole purpose is to say "We did do what we can to stop the threat".
This is only one small step for mankind. One step towards a 1984 where men believe they are in a brave new world. Entertain me, and I will resign all my rights!

Anton Chuvakin said...

Well, some folks do make the point that these guys are getting the checks which are the same as normal DOD security clearance (not sure how it makes it OK though...)

Dr Anton Chuvakin