Monday, September 03, 2007

IPv6 Fun

Check out this funky thread on IPv6 at firewall-wizards here! What blew my mind was this line: "You know, like what a few of us suggested back in 1992 - namely doubling the address size, left-filling with zeroes, and bumping the version number." BTW, guess who said this (answer: him)

Wow, so is IPv6 a new OSI (this analogy is also made here)? Holy Chao, I was somehow a lot more optimistic about IPv6's future ...

Another interesting thought mentioned was that IPv6 is so complex so that any and all possible security benefits will be totally razed by its enormous complexity. E.g. (another quote): "The recent rumblings about problems in V6 indicate that finding flaws in V6 will be a lot like hunting Passenger Pigeons was in the 1700's: point your shotgun at the sky and pull the trigger and several will fall at your feet. " as well as this (from here): "IPV6 has got a lot of complexity and was designed by a committee."

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