Monday, September 24, 2007

Absurd Patent on Log Management

Reading this makes it pretty clear why sooooo many want to overhaul the US patent system. It is a patent titled "System and method for analysis and management of logs and events," which is choke-full of trivia and prior art. Here is the excerpt (full here):


[0023] According to one aspect of the present invention there is provided a log record analyzing system for monitoring a log record from at least one computerized system. The log record analyzing system comprising:
  • a pattern repository adapted to store more than one pattern object record of different grammar types and
  • a parsing engine associated with the pattern repository.
The parsing engine comprises:
  • a raw log data input for receiving raw log data,
  • a matching unit associated with the input for matching between the raw log data input and
  • one of the pattern object records, and
  • an output for outputting a parsed structured version of the raw log data using a structure extracted from the matched record. "
Wow, this is truly new ... circa 1978 :-)

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