Monday, September 24, 2007

On Marketing Desperation

OMG, ROFL! :-) - Ahhh. Marketing Desperation. | "You can always smell desperation. It has a certain… quality that gently waifs into the nasal cavity, tickling those very nerves that are too oft neglected in our sanitary society. You know, the same ones that pick up the odor of sewer crap. What’s odd is that this smell is extruded not only by the truly desperate, but by those whose self esteem is so battered that they crave every bit of validation they can beg off the nearest passerby.

Today, thanks to Alan Shimel, we see probably the most amusing act of desperation I’ve ever witnessed. One of his competitors bought the Google AdWords for Alan’s name."

UPDATE: now, I am offended here! Why aren't people doing it on my name? :-)

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