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Monthly Blog Round-Up - August 2008

I saw this idea of a monthly blog round-up and I liked it. In general, blogs are a bit "stateless" and a lot of good content gets lost since many people, sadly, only pay attention to what they see today. This is an attempt to remind people of useful content!

So, here is my next monthly "Security Warrior" blog round-up of top 5 popular posts and topics.

  1. In a bizarre twist of fate (maybe driven by my latest poll), the "Top 11 Reasons to Secure and Protect Your Logs" came up as #1 most popular post in August.  The analysis of said log security poll is coming up tomorrow. BTW, see my other logging pollspoll #8 that covered context data for log analysis is analyzed here and a controversial Windows Log Collection Poll (which is a poll #7)  and poll #6 about logs that people actually review and poll #5 about logging challenges.
  2. Next up is my post "Log Management - Day 1," which talks about the very first thing you do when embarking on a journey to log management.
  3. Still burning hot is a post with my irreverent comments on a Terry Childs saga. Namely, "On Doomsaying (Terry Childs case)", "So ... Am I? Maybe I Am!" and "Admins , Good Guys or "I am NOT an Idiot!""
  4. Somewhat predictably, PCI compliance is all the rage again with 1.2 coming out soon. So, MUST-DO Logging for PCI? post was again propelled to a place in my monthly Top5 list. It discusses the fact that there is no "easy list" of what you MUST do to comply.
  5. Finally, my post "11 Signs That Your SIEM Is A Dog or "Raffy, You Killed SIM!"". It is both humorous and sadly true (and backed up by other sources)

See you in September,  when .... ah, come on! I will tell you later :-)

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