Wednesday, September 03, 2008

What CAN You Do?

This is NOT a funny post. At all.

Alan is not the only one who got 0wned. I am hearing VERY disturbing rumors from some other people (sorry, can't share them here) - and they are good, paranoid people :-) People who don't have a password of "password." :-)

Now, think.

What can you, personally, do today if you know - or, at least, suspect - that somebody is after you?

Change all passwords? Create paper copies of financial records? Backup everything offline? What else?


Maybe it will become a new blog meme... In any case, I AM thinking about it. Today!

And I suggest you do that too.

UPDATE: a very good follow-up post to this with a lot of practical suggestion. Go there!

Dr Anton Chuvakin