Friday, July 27, 2007

Why Some Vendor Webcasts Suck?

So, I was attending this vendor's webcast related to log management the other day and it sucked ... pretty bad.

OMG, why oh why some vendors think that their customers and prospects are stupid!? How many times a "C{T|M}O hybrid" can utter "changing threat landscape" and "you now have a legal obligation to protect information" (or even such gems of deep thinking as "success requires commitment of resources AND effort" :-) Gee, monkey, I really thought I need only resources, but not effort!) and still retain any semblance of credibility?

WTF? If his mouth is "presenting solutions" to the audience's problems, but his brain keeps thinking "buy our crap!!!," the webcast will likely result in audience being both bored and aggravated ...

I usually take offense when security pros in the trenches call vendor people "vendor scum" (or even here), but after this webcast I think I why now. Mike, please create your "Selling to Pragmatic CISO" ASAP and then jam it up the /.../of these folks!

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