Tuesday, July 31, 2007

On Mac Fans

I've watched security people being attacked by rabid Mac fanatics with some degree of envy. In fact, I was thinking the following semi-suicidal :-) thought: "just what can one do to become a victim of such attack?"

Yeah, an 0h-day in MacOS will do. Calling MacOS a "toy OS", as Dave Aitel once did (in jest!!), qualifies. But what else? Let me try this out ...

This writer here wonders: "I've been attending the O'Reilly Open Source Conference for years and have watched an interesting thing happen. A rising number of attendees have come with Mac OS X-based laptops. [...] Why? The Mac, after all, is a closed platform, just as Windows is. In fact, arguably, Apple is a more proprietary company than Microsoft has ever thought of being, controlling hardware and software alike."

I think I know why: it was all one Guy! He created and then "evangelized" a "brain virus" that created Mac fans (and then wrote a few fun books about it).

Given that I recently became a Logging Evangelist at LogLogic, I often wonder just how one can gain that kind of influence power ...

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