Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Is Mike Right Here?

Mike Rothman said: "Neither HP (nor IBM for that matter) has a security strategy."

Is he right? What do you think?


yoshi said...

I stopped ready Rohlman's blog a while ago. But I don't look for vendors to provide a "security strategy". Its my job to help define a strategy that meets my companies objectives. If HP, IBM, or whomever just happen to provide the tools and/or services that meet our strategy - than great. Otherwise - whatever their strategy may or may not be is not useful to me.

Anton Chuvakin said...

Well, I read it as they don't have THEIR OWN strategy meaning they have no idea what to do with "all this security stuff" AS OPPOSED TO "they don't have a strategy to sell their customers" (your comment certainly rings true in the latter sense!)

Just curious, why stop reading Mike?

dre said...

he was referring to selling security services or products. in simple terms, "HP and IBM don't know how to compete with Symantec, or Honeywell".

i believe this was in response to IBM's acquisition of Watchfire and HP's acquisition of SPI Dynamics, who are both web application security scanning companies.

Dr Anton Chuvakin