Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Fun LogLogic Review

Here is a fun review of LogLogic technology by the smart folks of the NWC magazine.

While the review is otherwise insightful, seeing stuff like this blurb below makes me want to be in marketing (ooops, I am now :-)), since marketing rules the world (does the word "iPhone" rings the bell?): "Index searching, brought to the masses courtesy of the Splunk log analyzer, enables IT to search raw syslog data without having to write custom parsers."

Small bits of reality (such as that LogLogic had index-based searching for years) never bother marketing people. Sometimes, I want to be like that too. :-) But, fortunately, not often :-)


Anonymous said...

Hi Anton,
I was wondering if loglogic has a live demo similar to splunk's live demos at http://demo.splunk.com ?
I would love to be able to see both systems side by side.

Anton Chuvakin said...

We don't have a live server, but we have a weekly webcast that showcases the features of the product: http://www.loglogic.com/products/demo/

Dr Anton Chuvakin