Wednesday, October 29, 2008

From Talking to Building

Ah, the first week at a new place. An exciting time! Even though being in Kuala Lumpur would probable be even more exciting :-)

In any case,  excitement is a good cause for sharing  it. So, why am I excited? Is it only the “new-ness” of my position?

Not so.

I am most excited to be building again. That is building as opposed to talking. I loved being an evangelist and I think I did make the world love logs just a bit more. However, I happen to think that while speaking and writing leaves a scratch on the fabric of the Universe, building products that solve people’s problems, that make people happy and that are  both affordable and enjoyable to use is leaving A BIGGER scratch.  As one old wizard said, it allows one to “strike sparks off the guard rail of the Universe!”

That is exactly why I am excited. What I do today will soon [hopefully!] translate into new products that people will enjoy to use (despite the fact that they are compliance-related :-)) and that will solve problems that cause “pain and suffering” on a grand scale.  (No, I am not saying what these are :-))

Having you define things THEN seeing them actually manifest in the real world THEN seeing people smile and say “Thanks!” is HUGELY exciting. Earning revenue in the process definitely doesn’t hurt either :-)

BTW, now I read all this stuff about “security and clouds” and laugh (I can tell you later why it is so funny to me now)

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