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Fun Reading on Security - 8

Instead of my usual "blogging frenzy" machine gun blast of short posts, I will just combine them into my new blog series "Fun Reading on Security." Here is an issue #7, dated October 2nd, 2008.

  1. Great paper that complements the whole "SIEM is dead?" saga - "Most enterprises are looking for a product that will solve all of their problems in some sort of off-the-shelf miracle, and when they find out that the currently available tools can't do it, they either postpone their deployment or put them on the back burner. "
  2. "The Mess: looking for someone to blame?" is an awesome piece on Internet security and its architecture - and so is Gunnar's follow-up ("If a tree falls in someone else's silo...")
  3. Mike call to "Rise up against Mediocrity."  - "Dilbert makes the risk of the lowest common denominator approach abundantly clear."; in other words, you say 'best practices', I say 'mediocrity!' Mike also remind us, in vain, to do "Security FIRST!" (and compliance second)
  4. A great piece from Burton: "On Response" - I think the world needs another 10-20 million reminders that PREVENTION FAILS. This is definitely a good one for those still in the "we'll just block the threat world" - "we will not win a continuing war of escalation" and "using response can be more cost effective than installing the latest and greatest preventative tool"
  5. More on metrics, including the highly-awaited ISO27004.
  6. Pretty dumb paper by a person confused by why PCI DSS exists (the guy needs to read this). PCI doesn't "fall short," it helps people who will otherwise not do anything and their systems will "power" those botnets of the future...
  7. While we are on this subject: a really good coverage of PCI 1.2. changes, released Oct 1st. More PCI fun here. And more here ("PCI Compliance - dispelling some common myths"). And, more PCI myths. And more good ideas on PCI from Mike R. Sorry, can't stop thinking about PCI :-)  - also this is good.
  8. Adrian on behavioral monitoring; mostly in DAM, but also elsewhere in security.
  9. "Premature Chasm-Crossing"  - a must-read for all security vendors and especially their marketing (and  their easily-excitable PR teams...) - "Shouldn't vendors be spending more time fighting the problems that security managers are facing today, right this minute?" (Mike R also comments on that). A related - and  just as interesting point is made here: "Security is not a solution"
  10. More on compliance and security checklists, good and bad: "I think this is a dangerous trend unless the "checklist" is all inclusive." (how can a checklist include ALL? :-))
  11. "SANS Top 7 New IR/Forensic Trends In 2008"
  12. Read "The three approaches to computer security!"  Why? Come on, it is from Joanna! :-)
  13. A fun discussion about a hot new technology: network IDS. Is IDS absolutely indispensable to ALL companies? No. Can it be incredibly useful? You bet. End of discussion.
  14. On an unrelated note, are lasers the future of warfare? Some say no.
  15. Finally, some security humor from Gartner (!): "Get Rich Quick With Network Security"


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