Friday, October 03, 2008

A Few Fun Bits, While I Am Preparing for My Speech at SANS

A few more things, that qualify as fun reads, with - hopefully just as fun! - comments.
  • Love, love, love this piece :-) Remember the "robotic gun rampage" stories from last year? How does this sound: "The gun can track 360 degress, but there is a software-driven safety zone that makes sure rounds don't blow the rotors off. If the Osprey has to maneuver away from the target and the crew chief can't hold the gun on the bad guys manually, the system slaves the gun to the point of the last shot, slewing it as the plane moves." (watch the fun video there too)
  • "Security idiot" meme lives on - go here. BTW, the post is a follow-up to this
  • A fun follow-up to my post on compliance approaches titled Is PCI DSS "Too Prescriptive"?
  • Finally, my fave post: "Increase Your Logging." I am sooooo happy that logging evangelism is spreading far and wide! A quote from the paper: ”Logs are interesting, logs are fun, logs should be done by EVERYONE…..get to logging!!!” (I promise that specific case was not my quote, even though I do say that very thing all the time!)
Enjoy! Time for me to run and do my preso ... about logs of course!

Dr Anton Chuvakin