Thursday, October 09, 2008


No, this is not about a certain populist US politician :-) It is about a much graver subject indeed.

As of today, the only Chief Logging Evangelist in the world is no more. I have resigned from my position at LogLogic, effective October 9, 2008, which is today. Please don't contact me at the company email; use my personal email instead. My LinkedIn profile has been updated accordingly.

If you are curious, I still love logs. I really do. Logs are cute :-) You should love them too. And, it goes without saying, I will always remember that title, Chief Logging Evangelist, that I have created for myself. People did say that "Anton wakes up and thinks 'what else he can do today to make the world love logs?'" - it was pretty much like this. In fact, I think world does love logs a tiny bit more now and thus my mission of a logging evangelist has not been in vain.

I will be offline for the entire next week ("OMG, no blogging?" - "Nope, no blogging!") and you, my dear reader, will have to wait until October 20th to hear the news about ...

... where Anton is NOW!!!???

Yes, where is he? :-)

Talk to ya October 20th! The end always brings the new beginning ...

P.S. Please don't tell me that I have a penchant for dramatic. I know :-)

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