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Monthly Blog Round-Up - June 2008

I saw this idea of a monthly blog round-up and I liked it. In general, blogs are a bit "stateless" and a lot of good content gets lost since many people, sadly, only pay attention to what they see today. This is what is driving an idiotic campaign of such "news" as "hackers increase hacking", "compliance is hard/easy/matters/doesn't" or "awareness of virtualization/SaaS/hacking/compliance grows."

So, here is my next monthly "Security Warrior" blog round-up of top 5 popular posts and topics.

  1. Again this month, my logging polls took the #1 spot!  Poll #8 that covered context data for log analysis is analyzed here. Other popular polls include a controversial Windows Log Collection Poll (which is a poll #7)  and poll #6 about logs that people actually look and poll #5 about logging challenges. Next poll is coming soon.
  2. Not entirely surprising, my post/rant called "You Are "A Security Idiot" If ..." takes the #2 spot after being live for only a few days. Yes, we all like to point out other people's problems, especially when they are epically huge :-)
  3. Also not surprisingly, my post "11 Signs That Your SIEM Is A Dog or "Raffy, You Killed SIM!"" is on the Top list. It is both humorous and sadly true (and backed up by other sources)
  4. A curious subject of DLP or "data leak prevention" (specifically, the post called "So, CAN We Have DLP?") also tops the charts. My previous post on data leak 'prevention' ("In Passing on DLP") is popular as well.
  5. Again and again, people googling for "open source SIEM" have pushed this post (this tiny old pathetic blurb) to top5. This ancient post from years ago explains why an open source SIEM will NOT emerge soon, if ever.

See you in July!

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