Thursday, July 24, 2008

On Doomsaying (Terry Childs case)

Maybe I should call it "on stupidity" and add it to my "Nobody Is That Dumb... Oh Wait" series?
Really, when I've heard about it first, I was like "ah, come on, I am sure the journalists are just mis-reporting it; nobody is that dumb in their approach to system security."
Well, they really were that dumb.
Honestly, from the "blatant disregard of common sense", this is very, very high on the list (many in security agree, some in IT disagree). This is where the words "a huge data security risk" really sound like a mild understatement.
But you know what is the most scary about this case? The fact that there are MANY organizations who manage their networks the same way: one admin with ALL the access and NONE of the monitoring.
One person + ALL access + NO accountability = you are screwed!
Also, in light of this, do you still think that "insider attacks" is some kinda security vendor propaganda? Well, go tell Terry Childs that :-) Even though some people still think that he is a good guy (more on that on Slashdot)
What also caught my attention is that some retard called his bail ($5m) "ridiculously high." Well, if he was an outside hacker, say a Romanian script kiddie, jailed for hacking SF network, would they release him for $5m? Maybe not! Now, do you get that this case is actually MUCH WORSE! Hacker might have gained access to many assets; this guy did have access.
So, think, think, think: CAN YOUR SYSADMINS "0WN" YOUR BUSINESS? (BTW, some people think that IT "owns" you already!)
Are you OK with it?
If not, do something - start logging and monitoring (and then controlling) their actions! If you think you cannot control them, then just monitor; if you think you can neither control nor monitor, then at least log them so they will know that there will be enough good evidence to let them rot in jail for many years ... Or, if you prefer an easier alternative, stop calling your business YOUR business.

UPDATE: a bit more on this from me is here, I am working on an additional piece clarifying what I said as well. Stand by! Also, thanks for arguing with me here. I will argue back tomorrow!

UPDATE: Terry Childs found guilty.

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