Thursday, July 24, 2008

More on Logging and Accountability

Here is a very fun web conference on logs and logging by ISC(2); all sections are interesting, here is what mine is about:

"There are many other mechanisms of accountability in an organization, but logs are the one that pervades all IT. And if your IT is not accountable, your business is neither. Thus, if you tend to not be serious about logs, be aware that you are not serious about accountability. Is that the message your organization wants to be sending? The presentation will cover how logs can be used organization-wide to establish accountability of users, power-users, other IT as well as partners and others accessing systems and using your information. How to you make sure your users are accountable for their actions? How can you track their activities, if needed? How can auditors review the audit trails of various activities? Broad organization-wide log collection and analysis is the way to solve these and other problems related to accountability."


Dr Anton Chuvakin