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Monthly Blog Round-Up - October 2007

I saw this idea of a monthly blog round-up and I liked it. In general, blogs are a bit "stateless" and a lot of good content gets lost since many people, sadly, only pay attention to what they see today.

So, my 3rd monthly "Security Warrior" blog round-up, top posts and comments by topic.

  1. Same as last month AND the month before, the "fallout" from being featured on a high-profile programming site continues to drive loads of traffic.  The topic that got such a huge boost was anti-virus efficiency. Thus, these posts with same theme of anti-virus efficiency were the most popular: Answer to My Antivirus Mystery Question and a "Fun" Story, More on Anti-virus and Anti-malware, Let's Play a Fun Game Here ... A Scary Game, The Original Anti-Virus Test Paper is Here!, Protected but Owned: My Little Investigation  as well as a final entry about my own switch away from AV: A Bit More on AV  and Closure (Kind of) to the Anti-Virus Efficiency/Effectiveness Saga
  2. Same as last month, my post introducing Another Presentation: FINAL Full Log Mining Slides made it into Top5. It is indeed a very fun presentation, which summarizes a few years of my logging research. I released it since I got a little bored with researching structured data analysis; a lot of logs we look at today are anything but :-) One of our more enlightened competitors called logs "semi-structured" data.
  3. My link to A Sensible Piece on Logging in PCI DSS made it to the top as well. Also check the "PCI  Compliance" book Logging chapter.
  4. As I suspected, my little blurb with user profiling ideas called More on 'root' FTP or ""0wned? Again?"" (and Simple User Profiling) is popular. But wait! - there will be more :-) I am writing a little tool that uses LogLogic API to actually do it!
  5. Again, in a bizarre twist of fate, the new latest blurb in my humorous saga Nobody Is That Dumb ... Oh, Wait VII made the top list. It proves the point: laughing at others' stupidity is still popular :-) If you doubt it, I have some bridge... ehh... anti-spyware company stock to sell you :-)
  6. My third Top11 list Top 11 Reasons to Secure and Protect Your Logs is important to highlight here (it is officially # 6 out of the Top5 for October :-))

See you in November :-)

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