Wednesday, November 28, 2007

On Security Marketing

Answer one simple [but slightly philosophical :-)] question for me, please: if you look at a security company website and, upon reading it, you have no idea whatsoever what they ACTUALLY DO, does it lower your opinion of their technologies?

Or, in other words, are you able to notice good technology through the sleaze-veil of bad marketing?

Here are some fun examples from recent history which kinda explain what I am talking about:
  • 'we just added a GRC feature'
  • 'we moved into the risk management business'
  • 'we simplify threat monitoring'
UPDATE: this is in part inspired by this MJR post to fw-wiz.
UPDATE2: another very fun example today from Mike: '"unrivaled SaaS technology that represents a tipping point in enterprise security." Who writes this stuff, and how can I get some of what they are smoking?'

Dr Anton Chuvakin