Wednesday, November 28, 2007

"High-level" vs Fluffy vs Dumb vs Irrelevant?

Very fun emerging blog discussion on executive data presentation:

First: "What the client is telling me is that their execu-types can’t handle 5-6 word sentences and I have to be more concise and drop it down to 1-3 words per bullet. [...] I find it alarming at many levels that the executives running fortune 100 or 500 companies can only comprehend at a 1st grade level."

Second: "While I agree with Jim and share his pain (I have given a few exec-level presentations in my time), I also think there is another underlying cause for this: basically, people do not want their execs to know what is going on."

Third: " ... executives at big companies can't comprehend at a 1st grade level. That's a load of crap. Fortune class executives understand exactly what the issues are. The sad truth is that relative to security, for the most part, they just don't care. So we don't need to dumb down our presentations, WE NEED TO MAKE THEM RELEVANT."

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