Monday, March 03, 2008

Monthly Blog Round-Up - February 2008

I saw this idea of a monthly blog round-up and I liked it. In general, blogs are a bit "stateless" and a lot of good content gets lost since many people, sadly, only pay attention to what they see today.

So, here is my next monthly "Security Warrior" blog round-up of top 5 popular posts and topics.

  1. Finally, one post I wrote this month bumped the "anti-virus saga" from the #1 popular spot: Welcome to the Platform Club! :-) post discusses requirements for a log management platform (and makes fun of some folks in the process ...)
  2. Now pushed to the #2 spot, next is the topic of anti-virus efficiency. Here are the posts: Answer to My Antivirus Mystery Question and a "Fun" Story, More on Anti-virus and Anti-malware, Let's Play a Fun Game Here ... A Scary Game, The Original Anti-Virus Test Paper is Here!, Protected but Owned: My Little Investigation, A Bit More on AV  and Closure (Kind of) to the Anti-Virus Efficiency/Effectiveness Saga
  3. Next are again my Top11 logging lists:  Top 11 Reasons to Collect and Preserve Computer Logs and  Top 11 Reasons to Look at Your Logs (the third list, Top 11 Reasons to Secure and Protect Your Logs, was not quite that popular - I long argued that, sadly, few people care about log security yet). A new one was also added to the list: Top 11 Reasons to Analyze Your Logs. Check it out!
  4. PCI compliance is still all the rage! So, MUST-DO Logging for PCI? post was propelled to a place in my Top5 popular posts list. It discusses the fact that there is no "easy list" of what you MUST do to comply.
  5. My logging polls are hot as well. Specifically, the analysis of my newest poll  (Logging Poll #5 "Top Logging Challenges" Analysis) is popular.

See you in March - I will continue to make logs popular, research new log analysis methods and make fun of some people (of course!) :-)  

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