Tuesday, March 11, 2008

InfoSecWorld 2008 Impressions

I spent the past 3 hours wondering around the vendor expo at InfoSecWorld 2008 in Orlando, FL. I used to like wandering around vendor shows, but somehow didn't have a chance to do it in the past few months. I guess I can also consider this "preparing for the RSA", the mother of all vendor shows (where I will be present as an "all powerful member of the press" :-) - BTW, if you are a security blogger you can try getting a press pass here)

Many of the "usual suspects" were there; some of the "die-will-you-die- already ... please" vendors made the showing (probably by selling those newly unneeded chairs to pay for the booth space).

I love to talk to people in the same or adjacent markets as LogLogic (euphemism for "competitors" :-)), some are friendly and you can have a fun and insightful conversation with them (with neither of us disclosing any deep and dark secrets about our solutions ...), others are obnoxious and think you are "out to steal their brochures."

However, the most fun part will definitely happen on Thursday - a Log Management Summit. MISTI folks planned a few very fun panels; will there by a vendor fight? A mud-slinging match? We'll see ...

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