Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Bruce on Suites vs Best of Breed vs "Security as a Feature"

Now, some say that Bruce starts to lose it from being a spokesperson (not a doer) for too long, but this proves that he is still a security visionary and can start a fun, thought-inspiring controversy. This post called "Security Products: Suites vs. Best-of-Breed" is a VERY fun read (you MUST also read the discussion that followed - and think!)

A few representative quotes: "Honestly, no one wants to buy IT security. People want to buy whatever they want -- connectivity, a Web presence, email, networked applications, whatever -- and they want it to be secure." (do they really?)

"And sooner or later the need to buy security will disappear. " (bullshit, I say! :-) - analogous 'some day the need to have police will disappear...')

"It will disappear because IT vendors are starting to realize they have to provide security as part of whatever they're selling. " (year 3000?)

"IT is infrastructure. Infrastructure is always outsourced. And the details of how the infrastructure works are left to the companies that provide it." (hmmmm... is your information infrastructure? no!)

Mike R comments on that (here): "But the idea that the answer is neither and that outsourcing will be the death knell in the security business is interesting, but ultimately wrong. [...] Trying to wait for Big Security to die would give new meaning to the long and slow goodbye."

Dr Anton Chuvakin