Sunday, July 23, 2006

Which Year is That?

While I am not a pack rat, I found this old issue of a certain (it would be clear later why I am not dicslosing it) security magazine when I was packing my stuff to move to California. This mag issue, dating back to 2002, covers a few of the predictions for 2003-2007.

So, here are the "5 Biggest Security Threats, 2003-2008

1. "Super" Worms - they came and went, so its a 'yes' (Slammer does fit their definition)
2. Stealth Attacks - probably a 'yes' although prediction is way to fuzzy to check
3. Automatic Update Exploits - didn't really happen yet
4. Routing/DNS Attacks - yep, this one is a 'yes' due to DNS
5. Combined Cyber/Physical Threats - this one was clearly there for marketing reasons :-)

Also, can you guess - without googling, of course - what magazine was that? :-)

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