Tuesday, July 25, 2006

On NEW "10 Biggest Myths of IT Security"

So, the DarkReading folks posted this fun list of "10 Biggest Myths of IT Security"; check it out...

"The List:

  1. 'Epidemic' Data Losses
  2. Anything But Microsoft
  3. Vendors Have Your Best Interests In Mind
  4. Separate Physical, Electronic Security
  5. Employees Always Trustworthy
  6. Bad Guys Are Winning
  7. Hackers Are a Necessary Evil
  8. Antivirus Software is 100% Effective
  9. Clean Bill of Health Attainable?
  10. More Spending = Better Security "

And, of course, others started promptly shredding the list (like the enlightened Mike Rothman here, here and here). Reading the latter is actually more fun than the myth list itself.

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