Friday, March 03, 2006

TaoSecurity on Jericho Forum-inspired Silliness

Richard Bejtlich brought up this funny (well, maybe it even scales up to "not-even-funny" :-)) in his blog post TaoSecurity: Gartner vs Jericho : "Ken Douglas, technology director of BP, told the UK Technology Innovation & Growth Forum in London on Monday that 18,000 of BP's 85,000 laptops now connect straight to the Internet even when they're in the office.

Are they serious? Is this some sort of Darwin-esque test? If your laptop is tough enough to survive on its own, you'll love working for BP. If your laptop isn't tough enough, well... we can't kill your laptop, so you'll just provide more headaches for the help desk. "

Somebody submit them to, please! How can anybody who associates himself with a security profession forget about defense-in-depth?

On a related note, I did blog about their take on "d" before and concluded that the main value of such a forum is a "chance for CXOs to expense trips to exotic locations" where such forums meet... :-)

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