Wednesday, March 01, 2006

"Information Security" magazine in decline?

As I mentioned some time ago in my other blog post on security magazines and journals, I am trying to read every publication related to information security (no, please don't think that I have too much time :-)), even though some of them provide mostly humorous relief while illustrating that both stupidity and ignorance abound in security indsutry...

However, "Information Security" magazine was always one of my favorites due to its relatively balanced and error-free coverage as well as fun topics. Compared to such assclowns as "SC Magazine" , they were light-years ahead.

When I picked up a Feb 2006 issue at RSA this year, I was shocked. The product reviews are usually the first to go if the publication is sinking. Infosec Mag's used to be OK, if not even good (for example, check out awesome Ed's and Mike's IPS backeoff). What do we find in their Feb issue?

What is the best network IDS for 2006 (from both host- and network-based)? Snort? ISS? NFR? Dragon? Intruvert? Noooo, its CA eTrust! Bua-ha-ha-haaaa :-)

If you want more "information" that is firmly in the domain of "security humor", check out the whole list here.

You guys should bring Andy Briney back! Right now!

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