Tuesday, March 28, 2006

"Hacker's Challenge 3" is near!!!

What was the most fun security book you've read in the last few years? For me and many others it was the "Hacker's Challenge" and its sequel, "Hacker's Challenge 2."

As my fellow co-author Tony Bradley writes in his blog: "I particularly enjoyed the Hacker's Challenge books though. Rather than just conveying facts and information, the Hacker's Challenge books teach through short story scenarios that provide details about bizarre occurrences and provide evidence to let the reader try to conduct their own incident response or forensic investigation and determine what has been exploited or compromised. The second half of the book then provide solutions for each of the challenges, explaining in detail how the main character of the story was able to piece the clues together to get to the bottom of the mystery. "

I totally agree! And so my excitiment was pretty boundless when I was invited to be part of the "Hacker's Challenge 3" author team. So, the time has come to unleash a sample challenge on the world. Enjoy Hacker's Challenge 3 Challenge: A Cup of Chai!

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