Sunday, March 05, 2006

More and more on security consolidation

Here are some fun quotes on security consolidation. My recent post kind of explains how these debates fit into a bigger picture of whether security will ever "get done" ...

Infosecurity Magazine in article called "Game Over?": ".'I don't see why security is any different from any other industry. The day will come when we have maybe one or two or three significant players in the space,' says Liberty Mutual CISO Scott Blake. 'That's the nature of capitalism.' "

chargen 19/udp: Self-interested Rambling on Consolidation: "So I'm conflicted: on the one hand, the consolidation meme seems to have legs (it seems like it should be harder to bring an IPS to market now than in 2000 --- though given the margins you can command with one, maybe that's a silly thought). On the other hand, the factoid about the thundering herd of security companies seems artificial too. "

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