Thursday, June 26, 2008

You Are "A Security Idiot" If ...

... you:
  1. Misspell both HIPAA and SOX (how the f does one misspell SOX?)
  2. Confuse "risks" and "threats"
  3. Think that "Trojan is a vulnerability" AND "DoS is a vulnerability"
  4. Quote "Insiders are 80%" without thinking for one darn second
  5. Think that a loss of "$20 million is catastrophic to any company"
  6. Talk about "NIST compliance"
  7. Consider IDS a network security control
  8. Shout that "perimeter is dead"
Please add your faves to the list and we can create an official list to be used to expose fake experts. If you think that nobody in our industry is that stupid ... think again. F*ck!

To be explained later :-)

Dr Anton Chuvakin