Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Network + Security = ?

Can one of those brainiacs that claim that "security will go into the network fabric" solve this simple "equation":

"'everybody' believes that security is 'being integrated into network fabric'"
"most people believe that networks are becoming harder to secure every day"

Am I missing smth?


Mike Rothman said...

A cynic's view is that since network security has probably plateued in terms of it's overall effectiveness in stopping emerging attacks, you need to save money both from an acquisition standpoint and an operational standpoint.

Having network security capabilities integrated into the network means you don't have to buy an additional overlay infrastructure and you can leverage your existing network management environment to keep it running.

Of course that's one man's opinion.

Mike Rothman

Anonymous said...

HA! Well, here's my solution (though I'm not one of those :true: believers): /Hoff

Anton Chuvakin said...

Thanks for the comments!

Maybe it is indeed the fact that "network security isn't" and most useful security improvements will not come from network security features...

Dr Anton Chuvakin