Friday, June 20, 2008

CEE White Paper Out (Finally!!!!!!!!!!)

Don't you dare make fun of my "Finally!!!!!!!!!!" in the title. We've been waiting for the release to happen for a "few" months already.

In any case, Common Event Expression (CEE) standard takes a major step forward: our whitepaper is finally public (page, PDF)

"Provides a detailed introduction to the Common Event Expression (CEE) initiative to create an open community-developed event interoperability standard for electronic systems. The paper describes the scope of the problem; explains how CEE’s Common Log Transport (CLT), Common Log Syntax (CLS), Common Event Expression Taxonomy (CEET), and Common Event Log Recommendations (CELR) will provide the framework for a community consensus in log transportation, log syntax, event representation, and event logging recommendations for various log sources and scenarios; examines the benefits and illustrates them in two use cases; reviews CEE in comparison to past efforts; and offers a roadmap to creating the CEE Language Specifications."

We have been working on this baby for a long time, but it was "in approval" for loooonger....

Dr Anton Chuvakin