Tuesday, August 24, 2010

To Those Escaping from Sinking SIEM/Log Management Vendors

As I am hearing rumors about some sinking (and some sunk) SIEM/log management ships, here is a special “public service” announcement to those affected by the disasters.

Don’t despair!

Quality vendors in this space are hiring like crazy, especially if you are a good Field Engineer (example) or Professional Services (example). Check out other SIEM and log management vendor sites as well, a lot of field hiring and some HQ hiring is going on as we speak.

And, if you happen to be a customer of one of those unfortunate vendors, well… pick better next time :-) Oh, one more tip: security vendors are not a reliable source of information on “security vendor longevity.” You will get wildly-crazy over-estimates (about self) and minblowingly-insane under-estimates (about competitors)…

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Dr Anton Chuvakin