Friday, August 27, 2010

CEE Architecture Overview FINALLY Out!

The future of logging is finally here! Common Event Expression (CEE) team releases CEE Architecture Overview [PDF] for public comments. HUGE thanks to MITRE side of team for finally clearing all the hurdles and releasing “our baby.”

The Common Event Expression (CEE™) Architecture Overview document defines the structure and components that comprise the CEE event log standard. This architecture was developed by MITRE, in collaboration with industry and government, and builds upon the Common Event Expression Whitepaper. This document defines the CEE Architecture for an open, practical, and industry-accepted event log standard. It provides a high-level overview of CEE along with details on the overall architecture and introduces each of the CEE components including the data dictionary, event taxonomies, syntax encodings, and profiles. The CEE Architecture is the first in a collection of documents and specifications, whose combination provides the necessary pieces to create the complete CEE event log standard. 

We encourage community members to offer feedback on this document on the CEE
Email Discussion list. You may also contact us directly at

Again, the document is at:

The day we were working towards for nearly five years (!) has finally come and more of CEE is revealed to the world! Of course, detailed specifications are still in development and we will release them when they are ready for public review.

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