Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Another Fun SIEM Whitepaper

As promised, here is another detailed SIEM whitepaper called “A Pragmatic Approach to SIEM: Buy for Compliance, Use for Security” that I wrote for a great team at Tripwire earlier this year.


“While recent economic troubles might have something to do with it, many organizations today seek to only do a bare minimum of security. To be more precise, they try to do what they think is the bare necessary minimum. Their perception that security “due diligence” can be reduced all the way down to the level prescribed by regulations, such as PCI DSS, is more common than ever today. All too common result of this thinking is security breaches and other damaging events.

This trend has affected many security safeguards, and SIEM and log management are hard hit by this as well. It is very common to deploy these technologies in order to satisfy the compliance check box. In this paper we will analyze this trend and provide useful guidance for getting value out of SIEM and log management tools while focusing on protecting systems and data – and not simply on checking the box.”

Get the paper here.

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