Friday, December 21, 2007

Wow, This IS Screwed!

Wow, this IS bad: "Why all Vista users should upgrade to Windows XP"

So, Q1: have I seen a happy Vista user until today? Not one!
Q2: Did Vista launch create a huge boost to Mac sales? Sure seems like it.
And Q3: Will we ALL (apart from Linux and Mac crowds) use Vista in 2 years? Sadly, yes.

Such is the power of a monopoly...


Anonymous said...

hello anton, i'm posting this about the "Will you shoot me if I will have ads on my blog?" poll since it's not possible to comment on it. just read it and delete : )

imho we all should forget about this ads stuff, it does *not* take us any money (eg non intrusive ads have low low low click rates and bring you no money, intrusive ones sucks)

the only ads that pays are the time based ones like owasp ones: the "sponsor" pays X money to stay on the page for X time

all the rest is avoidable crap imho and is just annoying

i would also add: fuck google (in any form it materializes)

bye and kudos, ascii

Anton Chuvakin said...

>eg non intrusive ads have low low
>low click rates and bring you no

I thought so too for a long, long time. But some folks actually proved to me otherwise....

Dr Anton Chuvakin