Friday, December 21, 2007

More on Security vs Risk

So, I was reading some survey and came across this bizarre, mind-boggling (maybe even 'mind-numbing?') picture:


How can security be THAT disconnected from risk? Can somebody explain this to me? (Please don't explain by stating "crappy survey methodology" - I can pull this one myself, thank you very much :-))

Mr Hoff, can you help here? :-)

UPDATE: I have a full PDF of the report; can email if interested!

UPDATE2: a lot of fun discussion inspired by this post is here.

UPDATE3: more discussion here where the model "(strategic = risk) vs. (tactical = security)" is used.


Anonymous said...


Where was that from, do you recall?


(P.S. Seems perfectly normal to me ;)

Anton Chuvakin said...

Thanks for a response!

This is from a yet-unpublished survey (so I can't disclose)

Normal? Then we live in a bizarre world...

Ryan Shopp said...

Would love to hear more about the survey once it's published. I've thrown some of my comments down over at
Hope you don't mind me borrowing your graphic. Enjoy the vacation & snow, none of that here in Dallas.

Anton Chuvakin said...

To Ryan:

Thanks for the comments - will look at it when I am back (will also add you blog to my already-waaaaay-too-long RSS feed list :-))

Dr Anton Chuvakin