Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Wow - AI Bot Phishing! Cool!

Picked from SANS Newsletter: "--Russian Chat Bots Gather Information
(December 10, 2007)

An artificial intelligence program circulating in Russian chat forums
flirts with human users in an attempt to get them to divulge personally
identifiable information. People have fallen prey to CyberLover because
it is difficult for them to tell that they are not talking with a real
person. The program can create up to 10 relationships in 30 minutes,
and assembles dossiers for each relationship that include names, contact
information and photographs. So far, CyberLover has just been spotted
in Russian chat rooms, but others are urged to use caution while
chatting." (original source here)

Wow, this is cool! Does it just match your perceptions about what the life in the 21st century would be like? :-) Robots stealing from people - how crass :-)

And, pleeeeease, don't just respond this "people are stupid" :-)


Anonymous said...


This brings a new meaning to "practising safe HEX"


kurt wismer said...

the robots who steal from people would probably respond to your 'crass' categorization with "bite my shiny metal ass"...

but for me, i'd just like to see authorities using this sort of software to catch pedophiles...

Anton Chuvakin said...

Yea, totally! I was kinda amazed by this news item, even it will end up not being 100% true.

Dr Anton Chuvakin