Thursday, March 15, 2007

On Ego Feasts and Top Lists :-)

Labeled a "list of the most influential security experts of 2007 - from corporate tech officers and government security types, to white hat hackers and bloggers", the list certainly generated a lot of noise in the security blogosphere.

And why not? After all, why do we blog? I am thinking ...
  • To share knowledge with the community
  • Because it is easier than writing a book :-)
  • To generate F&G
  • Because we need to generate awareness about our favorite technologies
  • To vent and rant
  • Whatever other reasons ...
So, in my estimation "fame and glory" is one the more common drivers that apply to just above every security blogger I've met. And if it doesn't apply to you - you are in denial :-) Thus, combine such personalities with whatever "top list of ..." and you get a lot of interest ...

Finally, I am honored to occupy a spot #4 in the sub-list of "Chief Blogging Officers" (I never thought I am one, BTW)!

1 comment:

Unknown said...

I'm in denial then. :)

Dr Anton Chuvakin