Thursday, February 15, 2007

Yet Again, On ISP Log Data Retention

Can somebody once again explain: why some say that "retention of records by Internet Service Providers" will "stifle online communication?" The quoted proposed law is H.R. 837 aka SAFETY Act.

Seriously, people, will you communicate less if you know your ISP logs all connections? May I also remind you of this blurb.


Unknown said...

Yes, actually. I would communicate less on the Internet if that information was openly logged. Is this because I do illegal things? Nope. Things maybe my grandmother would cry about if she knew? Maybe.

It is kinda like being watched every moment you're not at home, with cameras always pointed at you tracking your movements and everyone else's. Or every phone conversation recorded that you ever make.

I just simply expect some form of privacy and solitude in my own life. I really believe there is a deep, basic tenet there that is a small part of what makes jail so opressive and wide open space in nature so glorious.

Anton Chuvakin said...

Hmm, I see. That actually makes [some] sense :-)

However, I stilll see wide chasm between "ISP logging" and "being watched every moment you're not at home."

I would say it is NOT the same ...

Anonymous said...

Dr. Chuvakin, it's hard to take your opinion at face value when your position is so self serving. Do you not work for a log analysis firm that stands to potentially benefit from this legislation? Wouldn't it be appropriate to disclaim that when you post on the merits of ISP log retention?

I'll post this anonymously, as long as I can...

Anton Chuvakin said...

A fun comment indeed!

>Do you not work for a log analysis firm that
>stands to potentially benefit from this

Totally; I do work in a senior position with a log management vendor.


Am I also not a normal human being who would be affected by a total ISP logging? If such logging is indeed a threat to privacy that we need to be concerned about, than I WILL be concerned about, whether it "pays my bills" or not...

Mark Tomin said...

I hope they make data about their customers available to the customers. That way I'll be able to see what sites I browsed years ago!

ISP Survey

Anton Chuvakin said...

> I'll be able to see what sites I browsed years

He-he, probably not with a typical ISP's log volume. Year? We are probably talking days or weeks, not year.

Anonymous said...

Interesting article Doc. i would have to agree with you on most of your opinions.

Dr Anton Chuvakin